Welcome to Captivating Natalie Dormer one of the largest and longest running sources dedicated to British Actress Natalie Dormer. Natalie is best known for her role as Anne Boleyn in Showtime’s The Tudors but you also may recognise her from Casanova, Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Parts 1 & 2. Currently, you can find Natalie as Magda in the TV Series Penny Dreadful: City of Angels. Captivating aims to be your most up-to-date and comprehensive source for Natalie. Check back daily for all the latest news, photos and info. Thank you for visiting the site and supporting Natalie and her career!

Captivating Natalie Dormer

Captivating Natalie Dormer was established on May 4, 2011 at natalie-dormer.com and run by myself, Mel, an adoring Natalie fan and during various periods with assistance from my friend Claudia.  I first laid eyes on Natalie when she played Victoria in Casanova.  I thought she was incredibly talented, and when she appeared in The Tudors as Anne Boleyn, I was completely blown away.  She is hands down the best Anne Boleyn I have ever seen.  Her portrayal of Anne Boleyn was so true, so moving, just so incredible, and inspiring.  I knew that I had to open a Natalie site, and share my passion for this incredibly talented woman with the rest of her fans.

Since this time, Captivating has been through a lot of changes and even more so in recent years. In 2016, I had to make a very difficult decision that a lot fansite owners may be able to relate to: facing the reality that what first started as a hobby has become more of an unhealthy pursuit. I knew it was time for a change and that a clean break was in order. I hit the delete button on Captivating and more than 10 other sites. While I took a much needed reprieve I was taught a valuable lesson about priorities, moderation and that there is a big difference between liking something and adoring something. I found that Captivating was the only site I missed and coming to that realisation I knew I’d bring the site back without feeling the need to ‘have all the sites’ like before.

In 2017, I brought Captivating back online at nataliedormer.org. A few months later we were fortunate enough to acquire and move to natalie-dormer.net and a few years later we came full-circle as I re-acquired and moved back to our first home at natalie-dormer.com. In 2019, one of the longest running Natalie sites Admiring Natalie Dormer / natalie-dormer.org shut down. I was heartbroken because before I opened my site I was an avid visitor. So in an effort to stop a shark squatting on the domain, I went to great efforts to purchase the domain via backorder so I could try to save the sites legacy in some form, thankfully I was successful.

To date not only do I still remain the owner of the site, but it’s also my only site. So why did I include this story as part of the sites history? Well it’s because Captivating not only means the world to me because of my adoration of Natalie, but it’s also dear to me because it is a physical manifestation of my own personal self-development.

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